For the year 2017, the Virginia DMV reported 2,119 motorcycle crashes with 107 killed riders, 1,774 riders injured, and 770 riders seriously injured. Over 35 percent of those accidents did not involved a riders fault, and about another 35 percent involved other reasons. These are big numbers for just one state. In my opinion as an active rider, most of the road safety awareness is focused on drinking and driving, child car seat and seat belt use. As an active rider, I have never seen a TV AD, poster, or anything else focused on car driver awareness in regards to motorcycles. Something must be done and this is my proposal:

An educational campaign to involve TV ADS and posters everywhere with car driver techniques like “ did you look for motorcycles before you change lanes” or “watch for motorcycles” or “always assume there is a motorcycle around you” is a must. I will make contacts to do this on my community and at work, and from person to person because a good guy I used to work with was killed by a distracted driver. If you think this is a good idea, please do the same!

Frankie R

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